Baku, Azerbaijan’s modern capital, combines a medieval old town, modern Flame Towers that light up after dark and a promenade stretching along the Caspian Sea. The city exudes attractiveness, shining under the endless blue skies, and oozes intriguing layers of history just waiting for you to unravel. Here are several reasons why you should visit Baku and put Azerbaijan on this year’s bucket list.

Amalgamation of modernity with heritage

Baku’s historical core, or Icheri Sheher, has the ancient cylindrical Maiden Tower, the medieval Palace of Shirvanshahs and stalls selling traditional Azerbaijan carpets. Head further from the center, and you’re walking along Nizami Street’s pedestrianized shopping district. Gothic and Baroque styles from the Russian Empire and Baku’s first oil boom, both in the late 19th-century, line the long and straight streets of Azerbaijan’s capital.

The Promenade

Baku’s promenade, also called the Baku Boulevard extends a few kilometers along the Caspian Sea. Strolling along gives views of the city center, endless swarms of fish in the Caspian Sea as well as an amusement park, cafés, the Baku Eye Ferris Wheel, and a shopping mall. Come back after dark and watch the Flame Towers perform their magical light show.

Safe for solo adventures

Compared to other capital cities, Baku feels safe. Sure, crime does exist, and you still need to be cautious. But, you’ll feel safe walking around after dark and won’t have to hug your backpack. Everyone feels at ease when the sun goes down, and you will too.

Ideal for some fam-bam

Women walk chatting away, and families enjoy their attractive surroundings at all hours of the day and night. Young children run and play while their parents watch nearby, despite the clock chiming at 11:00 pm.


Baku has become inexpensive in the past few years, Hearty meals in local restaurants washed down with Azerbaijan beer or wine rarely exceed AZN50 for two people. And you’ll get a few rides on the bus and metro for less than AZN1. If you visit Baku today, you’ll find the city to be a very affordable destination.

Easy to get around

Long straight roads divide Baku into large blocks along the Caspian Sea. Getting around on foot usually involves walking straight and turning either left or right before continuing to go forward. Getting lost is almost impossible. Public transport for a single journey on the metro just costs about AZN0.20.